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Puzzle and Dragons: The Ultimate Guide to Monster Collecting and Tile Matching

Puzzle and Dragons: A Guide for Beginners

If you are looking for a fun and addictive game that combines puzzle, RPG, and monster collecting elements, you might want to try Puzzle and Dragons. This game has been downloaded over 50 million times worldwide, and has been one of the top grossing apps in Japan. In this article, we will give you an overview of what Puzzle and Dragons is, how to play it, and some tips and tricks to help you get started.

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What is Puzzle and Dragons?

A puzzle game with RPG elements

Puzzle and Dragons is a match-three puzzle game, where you have to move and match colored orbs on a grid. The number and type of matches you make determine how your team of monsters attack the enemy monsters. You can also use skills that have various effects, such as changing orb colors, healing your team, or dealing extra damage.

A monster collecting adventure

Puzzle and Dragons has over 9000 different monsters that you can collect, ranging from fantasy creatures, to deities from various mythologies, to characters from popular franchises. You can assemble your team of six monsters from the ones you have, and customize them according to your preferences. You can also evolve your monsters into more powerful forms, or enhance them by fusing them with other monsters.

A popular and profitable app

Puzzle and Dragons was released in 2012 by GungHo Online Entertainment, a Japanese company that specializes in online games. The game was an instant hit in Japan, where it has been downloaded 32 million times by November 2014. The game was also released in other Asian countries, as well as in North America and Europe. The game has generated over $7 billion in revenue as of October 2018, making it the second highest-grossing mobile app of all time. The game has also spawned a franchise that includes several spin-off games, an anime series, a manga series, and merchandise.

How to play Puzzle and Dragons?

Build your team of monsters

Choose from different origins and attributes

The monsters in Puzzle and Dragons are divided into five main attributes: fire, water, wood, light, and dark. Each attribute has its own strengths and weaknesses against other attributes. For example, fire is strong against wood but weak against water. There are also sub-attributes that add more variety to the monsters' abilities. For example, some monsters have two attributes instead of one, such as fire/light or water/dark.

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The monsters also have different origins that determine their rarity and availability. Some of the origins are dragon, god, devil, machine, balanced, attacker, healer, physical, etc. Some origins are more common than others, while some are only available during special events or collaborations with other franchises.

Evolve and enhance your monsters

As you play the game, you will acquire materials that you can use to evolve or enhance your monsters. Evolving your monsters will change their appearance and increase their stats and skills. However, evolving requires specific materials that vary depending on the monster. You can find these materials in certain dungeons or by using the rare egg machine. Enhancing your monsters will increase their level and stats. You can enhance your monsters by fusing them with other monsters or with special items called Tamadras. However, enhancing costs coins and increases the cost of your team.

Use friends' monsters for extra help

One of the features of Puzzle and Dragons is that you can use a friend's monster as the sixth member of your team. This can give you an extra boost in battle, as you can benefit from their leader skill, attribute, and skill. You can also send and receive stamina points from your friends, which are used to enter dungeons. You can add up to 50 friends in the game, and you can also use random players' monsters as guests.

Solve the puzzle and battle enemies

Match three or more orbs of the same color

The core gameplay of Puzzle and Dragons is to match three or more orbs of the same color on a 6x5 grid. You can move one orb at a time, and you have a limited amount of time to make as many matches as possible. The more matches you make, the more damage you deal to the enemy monsters. You can also create special matches, such as four orbs for an enhanced attack, five orbs for an attribute burst, or six orbs for a cross attack.

Create combos and use skills for more damage

Besides matching orbs of the same color, you can also create combos by matching orbs of different colors in the same move. Combos multiply the damage you deal to the enemy monsters, and also charge up your skills faster. Skills are special abilities that your monsters have, such as changing orb colors, healing your team, or dealing extra damage. You can use skills by tapping on the monster's icon when it is ready. Skills can be very useful in difficult situations, but they also have cooldowns that limit their usage.

Watch out for enemy attacks and status effects

While you are matching orbs and attacking, the enemy monsters will also attack you back. Each enemy monster has a timer that shows when they will attack next. Some enemies have regular attacks, while others have special attacks that can deal more damage or inflict status effects on your team. Status effects are negative conditions that affect your team's performance, such as poison, bind, blind, jammer, etc. You can prevent or cure status effects by using skills or items.

Explore various dungeons and modes

Normal dungeons, technical dungeons, and special dungeons

The main mode of Puzzle and Dragons is to explore dungeons that consist of several floors of enemy monsters. There are three types of dungeons: normal dungeons, technical dungeons, and special dungeons. Normal dungeons are the easiest and most basic dungeons that follow the story of the game. Technical dungeons are more challenging and have specific rules or restrictions that test your skills. Special dungeons are limited-time dungeons that offer rare rewards or collaborations with other franchises.

Multiplayer mode, ranking dungeons, and challenge mode

Besides the solo mode, Puzzle and Dragons also has other modes that you can enjoy with other players or by yourself. Multiplayer mode allows you to team up with another player online and tackle dungeons together. Ranking dungeons are competitive dungeons where you can earn points based on your performance and rank among other players. Challenge mode is a mode where you can choose from various difficulty levels and complete missions for rewards.

Tips and tricks for Puzzle and Dragons

Learn the strengths and weaknesses of each attribute

One of the most important aspects of Puzzle and Dragons is to know the attribute system and how it affects your damage output and intake. As mentioned before, each attribute has its own strengths and weaknesses against other attributes. For example, fire is strong against wood but weak against water. This means that fire monsters deal more damage to wood enemies but less damage to water enemies, and vice versa. You should always try to match your team's attribute to the enemy's attribute for maximum efficiency.

Use leader skills and team synergy to your advantage

Another important aspect of Puzzle and Dragons is to use leader skills and team synergy to your advantage. Leader skills are passive abilities that affect your whole team if the monster is placed in the leader position. For example, some leader skills increase your attack or health based on certain conditions, such as matching a certain number of orbs or having a certain attribute on your team. You should always choose a leader skill that suits your playstyle and strategy.

Team synergy is how well your team works together based on their attributes, skills, sub-attributes, etc. For example, some teams have better synergy if they have multiple monsters of the same attribute, as they can benefit from each other's skills or leader skills. Some teams have better synergy if they have different attribute