What is CBR?
 Columbus Bike racing is a non-profit Mountain bike Club that helps members develop safe and fun skills while competitively racing with other teams. CBR members race in Middle and High School and Adult races.
Where is CBR?
 CBR is located in Columbus, Georgia and the Surrounding areas. We ride, train and practice at both Flat-rock Park and Standing boy Trails. CbR travels to various Parks and trails around Georgia to race in the Georgia Interscholastic Cycling League (NICA) and other south eastern series.
who can join CBR?
 CBR is open to anyone who wants to join. 6th to 12th Graders can race in the Georgia NICA league and adults of any age can join and race adult series.
What does CBR do?
 CBR focuses on developing athleticism through Bike handling, agility, control, strength training and confidence, but most importantly to have fun with friends and competitors alike.
why do we do it?
CBR's Coaches and our volunteers want to see students grow their skills, become confident riders and good Stewards to our community. 
What is Georgia League?
the Georgia Interscholastic Cycling League (GICL) is a series comprised of five mountain bike races open to student-athletes interested in the competitive aspect of cycling. NICA is the National Interscholastic Cycling association that is the governing body of our league.
Contact us?
Email us: new@columbusbikeracing.INFO 
Signup: wearecbr.org/NEXT
Call:  ‪(706) 610-0194‬