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Over 100 Races & Events Each Year!

Race Uniform, T-Shirts, Sponsor Banner & Social media:

Your brand rides into the future, as riders use their race kits & T-Shirts for years, thus 
   advertising your business in the community for years!

We will provide periodic race results, event updates and mentioning our sponsors news via
   social media.

CBR Team Members & family members do business with our sponsors.

We promote your business at races, local charity events, weekly group rides, and monthly

   cycling clinics. 


Over 100 Races & Events Each Year!

Mountain Bike Races

Road Racing Events

Time Trials

Adventure Races


City Festivals

Local and Regional Charity Events

What type of people will see your logo?

Health Conscious

College Educated

Median age is 34.6

Median annual salary of $68,500

Married with 2 children

City Festivals

Families constitute over 50% of fans attending