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Flipside House Mixed By Michael 39; 39;g Download

Flipside House: A Classic House Music Compilation by Michael "G"

If you are a fan of house music, you might have heard of Flipside House, a compilation album mixed by Michael "G" and released by Flipside Records in 2000. This album features some of the best deep house tracks from various artists and labels, and showcases the skills and style of Michael "G", one of the most influential DJs in South Africa. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Flipside House, how to download it, and why you should listen to it.

flipside house mixed by michael 39; 39;g download

What is Flipside House?

Flipside House is a CD album that contains 14 tracks of house music, mixed by Michael "G", a DJ and producer from Johannesburg, South Africa. Michael "G" is the founder and owner of Flipside Records, a record label that specializes in house music and has been active since 1997. He is also a resident DJ at various clubs and events in South Africa, such as Bassline, 206 Live, and YFM. He has been described as "the king of deep house" by some critics and fans.

The history and concept of Flipside Records

Flipside Records was established by Michael "G" in 1997, as a way to promote and distribute house music in South Africa. The label's name comes from the idea of flipping the record over to play the other side, which often contains more underground and experimental tracks. Flipside Records aims to showcase the diversity and quality of house music, from deep house to funky house, from local to international artists. Some of the artists that have been signed or featured by Flipside Records include Rhythmic Centre, Soho, DJ Antonie, Bone.E.N, Space Base, Montano vs. Trumpet Man, Four T 5, Querelle, Class 2, X-Static, Sound Design, Silvio Ecomo, and DJ Cliche.

The features and tracks of Flipside House

Flipside House is the first compilation album released by Flipside Records in 2000. It is a mixed CD that runs for 79 minutes and 41 seconds. It starts with a short intro by an unknown artist, followed by 13 tracks of deep house music that range from smooth and soulful to groovy and energetic. The tracks are selected and mixed by Michael "G" in a seamless and stylish way, creating a smooth flow and a captivating atmosphere. Some of the highlights of the album are:

  • Rhythmic Centre - Come To Me: A soothing track with a catchy vocal hook and a warm bassline.

  • Soho - Give It Up (Passion Mix): A funky track with a disco vibe and a catchy chorus.

  • DJ Antonie - Visit Me: A groovy track with a tribal rhythm and a hypnotic melody.

  • Bone.E.N - Somebody Scream/Ma Baker vs. Horny: A mashup track that combines two classic songs: Boney M's Ma Baker and Mousse T's Horny.

  • Montano vs. Trumpet Man - Itza Trumpet Thing: A jazzy track with a trumpet solo and a Latin flavor.

  • Four T 5 - Happiness: A uplifting track with a piano riff and a gospel vocal.

  • Querelle - Show Me (Rude Boy Respect Dub): A dubby track with a reggae influence and a female vocal.

X-Static - I'm Standing (Heavy Organ Mix): A classic track with an organ sound and a male vocal.Sound Design - Bounce To The Beat: A bouncy track with a funky guitar and a vocal sample.

  • Silvio Ecomo - Uprising: A hard-hitting track with a techno edge and a distorted synth.

  • DJ Cliche - The Funky Groove: A funky track with a saxophone solo and a vocal sample.

The album ends with a short outro by an unknown artist, followed by a voice-over that says "Flipside House, mixed by Michael G, Flipside Records, 2000".

The impact and legacy of Flipside House

Flipside House is considered to be one of the best house music compilations ever released in South Africa. It received rave reviews from critics and fans alike, and sold thousands of copies across the country. It also helped to establish Flipside Records as one of the leading house music labels in South Africa, and to boost the popularity and reputation of Michael "G" as one of the top DJs in the scene. Flipside House is still regarded as a classic and a must-have for any house music lover, and is often played at clubs and parties. It is also a source of inspiration and influence for many aspiring DJs and producers who want to learn from Michael "G"'s skills and style.

How to download Flipside House?

If you want to listen to Flipside House, you might be wondering how to download it. There are several ways to do so, depending on your preferences and resources. Here are some of the options:

The official sources and platforms

The most reliable and legal way to download Flipside House is to buy it from the official sources and platforms that sell or stream it. Some of the places where you can find Flipside House are:

  • Flipside Records website: This is the official website of Flipside Records, where you can buy Flipside House as a CD or as a digital download. You can also find other albums and merchandise from Flipside Records here. The website is [].

  • Apple Music: This is a music streaming service that allows you to listen to Flipside House and other albums from Flipside Records. You can also download the tracks for offline listening. You need to have an Apple Music subscription to access this service. The website is [].

  • Spotify: This is another music streaming service that allows you to listen to Flipside House and other albums from Flipside Records. You can also download the tracks for offline listening if you have a Spotify Premium subscription. The website is [].

  • YouTube: This is a video sharing platform that has some videos of Flipside House tracks uploaded by fans or by Flipside Records. You can watch and listen to these videos for free, but you cannot download them directly. You need to use a third-party tool or app to do so. The website is [].

The alternative methods and tips

If you cannot or do not want to buy or stream Flipside House from the official sources and platforms, you might be tempted to look for alternative methods and tips to download it. Some of the ways that people use to do so are:

  • Torrent sites: These are websites that allow users to share and download files using a peer-to-peer network. You can find Flipside House and other albums from Flipside Records on some of these sites, but you need to have a torrent client and a VPN to access them. Some of the popular torrent sites are [], [], and [].

  • MP3 download sites: These are websites that allow users to download MP3 files of songs and albums for free. You can find Flipside House and other albums from Flipside Records on some of these sites, but you need to be careful of the quality and the security of the files. Some of the popular MP3 download sites are [], [], and [].

  • YouTube converters: These are tools or apps that allow users to convert YouTube videos into MP3 files and download them. You can use these tools or apps to download Flipside House tracks from YouTube, but you need to be aware of the legality and the quality of the files. Some of the popular YouTube converters are [], [], and [].

The legal and ethical issues

Before you decide to download Flipside House using any of the alternative methods and tips, you need to consider the legal and ethical issues involved. Downloading Flipside House without paying for it or without the permission of Flipside Records and Michael "G" is considered to be piracy, which is illegal and punishable by law in many countries. Piracy also harms the artists and the labels that create and distribute the music, as they lose revenue and recognition. Piracy also affects the quality and the diversity of the music industry, as it discourages innovation and creativity. Therefore, we strongly advise you to respect the rights and the efforts of Flipside Records and Michael "G", and to support them by buying or streaming Flipside House from the official sources and platforms.

Why you should listen to Flipside House?

Now that you know what Flipside House is and how to download it, you might be wondering why you should listen to it. There are many reasons why Flipside House is a great album for any house music lover, such as:

The benefits and advantages of house music

House music is a genre of electronic dance music that originated in Chicago in the early 1980s. It is characterized by a four-on-the-floor beat, a repetitive bassline, synthesizers, keyboards, samplers, vocals, and various influences from disco, soul, funk, jazz, Latin, and other genres. House music has many benefits and advantages for listeners, such as:

  • It boosts your mood and energy: House music has a positive and uplifting vibe that can make you feel happy and motivated. It can also help you cope with stress, anxiety, depression, and other negative emotions.

  • It improves your physical health: House music has a fast tempo and a rhythmic structure that can make you move your body and dance. Dancing can improve your cardiovascular health, burn calories, strengthen your muscles, enhance your coordination, balance, flexibility, and agility.

  • It stimulates your brain: House music has a complex and varied sound that can stimulate your brain and enhance your cognitive functions. Listening to house music can improve your memory, attention, concentration, creativity, problem-solving, learning, language skills.

It connects you with others: House music has a universal appeal that can transcend cultural, social, geographical, and generational barriers. Listening to house music can help you bond with other people who share your taste and passion for house music. You can also d


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